tron the next day movie

tron the next day movie


 · Tron: The Next Day: Directed by Kurt Mattila. With Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Bridges, Paul Dzenkiw, Garrett Hedlund. About the "Flynn Lives" movement.

TRON: The Next Day is a 10-minute short film, released on the Blu-Ray edition of TRON: Legacy in April 2011, that fills in the backstory between TRON and TRON: Legacy. It features scenes from the real-world Flynn Lives ARG as well as purely in-universe content. The short film also reveals the full chronology of the Flynn Lives Organization, naming Roy Kleinberg as the …


 · Tron: Ascension : The Next Day (Flynn Lives Revealed) [ Official Trailer 2016 ] daftworld. 10:26. Tron : The Next Day - Flynn Lives Revealed [VO-HD] 10:26. TRON The Next Day - Flynn Lives. JenovaDurango. 1:46. Tron Legacy - Flynn Lives Official clip by Madealone. MoviesCloseUp/N.Van. 4:53 . REVEALED: Trump made Sessions and Pence …


 · Here's how Tron: The Next Day set up a still unmade third movie.While its effects and depiction of technology are utterly outdated to modern viewers, the original Tron remains a cult classic. This 1982 movie stars Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a game designer sucked inside a computer program who has to battle his way out.


 · ABOUT "TRON: THE NEXT DAY"This 10 minute short film was taken straight from the TRON: Legacy Blu-Ray disc in the "bonus features" section.Filling in the back...

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